As an accredited Utility Infrastructure Provider we provide a full range of product offerings designed to give you the optimum choice for the installation of your Gas Mains & Services.

We also have partnership arrangements with a number of Domestic and Industrial & Commercial installers who working alongside PGL Pipelines Ltd can offer a fully holistic downstream service taking you from Main to Flame .

Domestic Services

  • Service Connections & Disconnections
  • Service Alterations
  • Internal Copper/Steel Pipework
  • Domestic Meter Installations
  • Excavation & Reinstatement
  • Project Management

Industrial & Commercial Services

  • Mains & Service Connections/Disconnections
  • Mains & Service Alterations
  • Outlet Pipework
  • Gas Design
  • Routine & Non Routine Procedures
  • Meter Installations
  • Project Management

All services provided are fully bundled which means they include Reinstatement and any ancillary works required by the customer eg Metering and Domestic Installations.

If there is a service you require and you don’t see it on our list please call us as we will be only too happy to look into completing this service for you or give you advice as to where you can source this additional service.


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